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Installing a new residential door is a challenging project.  If you have not done it before and want a new door installed properly, it is best to hire a professional to hang a new door.  So, whether you are looking at a pre-hung door or a slab door, an experienced door installation company can help you choose the right type of door for a doorway.  In addition, there are many reasons to replace a door as the following will discuss.

Reasons to Replace a door

There are a lot of reasons to replace a door. Below are a few essential things to consider:

Are you struggling with opening and closing a door?

The easiest way to determine if you should consider getting a new door is when it is difficult to open or close it. When the season changes, a door can expand, making it difficult to open and close. This is also a sign that the door is not hung correctly. A properly installed door should allow enough room for it to expand and shrink during seasonal changes.  When this occurs with an older door, it is a sign that the hinges are sinking, or shifting, which causes the door to become misaligned.  This is when you should consider getting a company that handles door installation services. 


Is the door rusty and dingy?

The structural integrity of a door can become compromised if it has rust and ding marks. Many homeowners do not know that most residential doors are laminated 24-to-26-gage steel on a wooden frame. Structurally, this type of door is not sound and doesn’t qualify as residential doors. These types of doors develop dents when you kick them slightly to get the lock to open when your hands are not free. If your door dents easily, then it is a clear indication that it is not strong enough to protect your home. 

Is moisture stuck between the glass panes?

Many residential and commercial doors have double-paned glass-like windows. As time passes, the seal that holds both panes will start to weather. Moisture can gather inside, which causes mold and mildew to grow. When you notice this on your front door, it means it is time to change it as soon as possible. Contact a company that deals with residential door repair services to handle the problem.

Does the door have cracks?

Doors continually face weather changes, are repeatedly kicked and slammed all the time. With all the constant usage, it is normal for a door to develop cracks. Inspect your wooden door to see if it is developing cracks in the door itself or its frame. Stress fractures are common with wooden doors. They can weaken the structure of the door and expose your home to the outside elements.

The door as an insulation barrier!

Some homeowners place towels under their door to keep the cold or heat out. Most doors have a threshold that is designed to prevent air and moisture from entering a home. The weatherstripping on the door and frame should be inspected to see if they are still in working condition. If they are not, then call a professional to install a new one.

Have you experienced water or insect damage? 

If you have water damage on a wooden door, more than likely, you will need to replace it. Many homeowners do not know that water damage can make the wood on a door soft, thus weakening it. This wood will no longer be strong enough to secure the door to your home. If you have experienced this problem, it is best to consider a door installation service to replace the door. 

Insect damage can also weaken a door. Exterminators usually inform homeowners if a door’s wood structure is damaged even when it doesn’t look like it. This insect damage will weaken a door and reduce the insulation value of the door. You could waste energy on heating and cooling since the door has a reduced thermal barrier.

Reasons to Hire a professional

Great value for your money

When you contact a door repair service company, you will get value for your money with a new door replacement. Buying a door is a significant investment and installing it right will help your investment pay off in the long run. A professional will guarantee it is installed right and will provide a warranty on their work.

Proper Insulation

When a door is installed correctly, it will provide you with many benefits, including proper insulation. When done correctly, the rain will be kept out while cold and hot drafts will stay outside. 

Secure door

Security is an essential factor, and a professional can help ensure that the door is secure with the right locks. Since it is a point of entry, you want to make sure it is both sturdy enough and has the right locks and deadbolts as added protection. When using a door installation company, you can rest assured that your home is safe.

Visual beauty

Doors add aesthetic beauty to all homes, so a properly installed door is essential to make this happen. A door installation company can help you select the best door from both a design standpoint and a structural standpoint so that it fits with your home.

Saves you the stress

While you might consider installing a new door yourself, replacing your front door can be problematic. If you have never installed a door before, then you should save yourself the stress and contact a door installation company to help you out. Getting a professional to install the door will save you time, energy, and aggravation that can come with attempting to install it yourself.


Doors can be difficult to install and can consume a lot of time. When you notice that your door isn’t opening and closing properly or exposed to water or insect damage, you need to replace the door. A door installation company is highly recommended as they can install a door professionally.

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