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Since their invention in 1888, revolving doors have benefited generations of businesses — from retail shops and restaurants to office buildings, airports, hospitals, and even apartment buildings. Revolving doors reduce energy costs, increase physical security, elevate customer experience, and improve a business’s brand image. Meanwhile, an entryway that is out of order can cost you money on electricity bills. It can also affect the access of hundreds or thousands of people daily. So whether you are a business owner or a facility manager, understanding the importance of revolving door maintenance is essential to keep them safe, functional, and legal for public use.

Revolving Door Maintenance Checklist

In many countries, regular maintenance of commercial door installations is not just best practice but also a legal obligation. As a result, inspection mandates are in place to keep commercial doors compliant with safety codes. Experts on automatic doors recommend that revolving doors be inspected by a certified service company yearly, if not more frequently.

Most revolving doors are designed for minimal maintenance. However, you can perform inspections daily to ensure performance and safety. You can do the following safety check before the beginning of each day:

Check the vicinity of the door for any slipping or tripping hazards

Inspect the door pull handle for looseness (tighten if needed)

Check the glass surfaces for any chips or cracks (replace if needed)

Test the door for proper functionality

If you notice anything amiss with any of the revolving door’s exterior components, or if the door fails to perform in the tests, call a certified service company for a professional solution. Unless you have in-depth knowledge and expertise in revolving doors, you should you attempt to inspect the door on your own.

An annual inspection would include checking, lubricating, and testing the door’s components, such as the support arms, motor, brake assemblies, and bearing. The security sensors and functions are also evaluated for proper operation.

The door’s weatherstripping is a critical aspect of revolving door efficiency. Weatherstripping prevents air from leaking under or between doors, reducing energy expenditures. It also helps keep dirt, bugs, and pests out of the building. So about once a year, you should replace weatherstripping since it ages and develops cracks over time.

Maintaining Optimum Performance Through Regular Service

Regular servicing of revolving doors can save you money in the long run. For example, regular lubrication of mechanical parts can maximize their longevity. Remember, scheduling the replacement of worn parts before they break costs less and minimizes downtime. You can also be relieved of the stress of dealing with emergency repairs and focus on other aspects of your business.

Professional Maintenance Service for Revolving Doors

As mentioned above, you should not endeavor to repair your revolving door on your own. It is not only dangerous but also costly if not done properly. Servicing revolving doors requires technical know-how and proper equipment. That is to guarantee the door adheres to the revolving door safety standards.

A certified service specialist will perform the following:

Test speed control

Clean major door components

Inspect bearing cup for damage (install new bearings pack as required)

Clean and re-hung doors

Test revolutions, collapsing, and speed control (adjust them as needed)

Check for any possible wear or necessary repair

Provide a detailed maintenance report

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