Most people do not notice that schools have safety features that could save hundreds of lives in an emergency; panic hardware. You might not have given panic bars much thought, but they are important to keeping our kids and school staff safe. Yet, how safe are your children with these safety devices in their school exit doors?

Panic hardware, or crash bars, are a kind of door hardware for emergency exits. In an emergency, they prevent jams and make it easier to exit out of a building. This blog feature will discuss how these mundane-looking school devices can save lives.

How Panic Hardware Can Make a Difference

Imagine this: the school’s fire alarm goes off, and everyone tries to get out of the building as fast as possible. A typical doorknob or lock for commercial door might be a huge issue during panic and shock attacks. That is when the panic bar comes into play. The door will swing open by pushing the bar, making it easy to get out. When school kids are under a lot of stress, panic hardware can make a big difference and make it less likely that they will hurt themselves or others. Some of the benefits of having panic bars as part of school security systems include:


Emergency Evacuation

A panic hardware is easy to push, even for small children. That lets them quickly and safely leave a building in dangerous situations like fires, gas leaks, or other emergencies. It can greatly speed up the escape process, which could save lives.

Reduced Congestion

In an emergency, people may have trouble using standard door handles or knobs. That can slow down the process of getting out of the building. Panic bars eliminate this problem because of their large, easily recognizable mechanism that can be operated instinctively.

Compliance with Regulations

Some public buildings, like schools, are required by building codes and laws, such as fire safety codes, to have panic hardware on their exit doors. By putting up panic hardware, the school stays in line with these rules and avoids possible fines or other punishments.

Minimized Liability

Schools may minimize liability if something goes wrong by making their buildings safer. Installing panic hardware can show that the school has done what it can to ensure that kids and staff are safe.


Enhanced Security

Panic hardware can also play a role in school security. You can get out quickly from the inside, but from the outside, you can lock them to keep people from getting in. This balance between easy egress and controlled access can help maintain a secure environment during normal operations.

Consider Panic Bar Installation in Schools

Panic hardware is an important safety feature that can help schools ensure that emergencies are handled quickly and in an orderly way while also meeting regulations. They add to the safety and security of the school, which helps protect the lives of the people inside.

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