You know how hard it can be to keep track of everyone who has access to your building, no matter how big or small your business is. During the day, for example, people need to get into the building. Still, you need to make sure the place is safe at night. How do you solve this problem in the best way? Fortunately, commercial door companies have the solution: automated commercial door systems. Let us look at real-world cases to learn about their benefits and features.

Unlock the Benefits of Automated Commercial Door Systems

Let us discuss the benefits of automated commercial door systems and how they can help businesses run better.

Protection for Your Business

With a key card or fingerprint authentication, only authorized staff can get in through an automatic shop door. Automation also prevents people from leaving open doors by accident. So, it lowers the chance that something bad will happen. These automated systems for commercial doors keep important information and assets safe.

An automated commercial door system

Real-life example: A pharmaceutical company installed an automated door system at its research and development center. The limited access secured their intellectual property and compliance standards. It ensured that only authorized people could enter the building, making theft less likely.

Enhanced Mobility for Everyone

Automated commercial door systems make it easy and quick for people to get in and out of buildings without opening and closing heavy doors by hand. Automatic doors provide a hands-free entry and exit option for those with mobility impairments that make it difficult to open and close manual doors. These doors make it easier for people who use wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility aids to get in and out.

A women exiting an automated commercial door

Real-life example: A shopping mall installed automated commercial door systems with motion sensors. That made it easy for people in wheelchairs or strollers to get in and out of the building. The upgrade led to more foot traffic and good comments from customers.

Streamlined Operations

Automatic commercial doors can streamline operations in several ways. These systems make it easy for people and things to get in and out of busy places like airports, stores, and warehouses. Also, door sensors let business owners track how many people enter and exit the building. Hence, these doors aid in capacity planning and crowd management. Likewise, automated door technology allows companies to use resources efficiently and creates a smooth workflow.

Real-life example: A logistics company installed automated commercial door systems in its warehouse facility. They connected the system to the software they used to handle their inventory. When a forklift carrying goods comes up to such a door, it instantly opens. That made it easier to load and unload, so there were fewer delays, and more work got done overall.

Upgrade Your Commercial Doors Now

Automated commercial door systems can keep buildings safe, make it easy for customers and workers to get in and out, and save money on energy costs. Upgrading to automated doors can help a business look more modern and progressive in the eyes of the public. They help keep buildings safe, save money on energy bills, make things easier and more accessible, and improve the look of a business. These benefits make them a good investment for businesses. Call your local commercial door contractors to ask for advice.

Commercial Door Installers Near Me

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