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Electric strikes are a type of door strike that is powered by electricity. These devices are much more advanced than those used 10-20 years ago. Electric striking plates have many benefits, from superior security to versatility. With the help of our locksmith DC experts, find out how an electric striking plate can provide maximum protection for your home or business.

Types of Electric Strike


Fail-Secure Electric Strike

Electric strikes are an essential part of fire safety in buildings. They remain locked during power outages, keeping the building secure. It is the safer option, as it prevents entry into the building in the event of a power failure. Of course, exiting from the inside is always possible with a panic bar or other exit device.

Fail-Safe Electric Strike

A fail-safe electric strike will unlock in the case of a power outage, granting unrestricted access to everyone. A magnetic lock would not work and remain unlocked in a power outage. Therefore, it poses a severe security concern for a building that must stay secure during a power outage. Electric strikes are recommended over magnetic locks because of this.

Positive Aspects of Electric Strikes

  • Since they can only be operated by a card, pin, or remote device connected to the strike, electric strikes are a very safe and secure alternative for latching a door.
  • With electric strikes, you can conveniently grant access from the comfort of your office or bedroom. You can easily connect to a remote system by simply pressing a button. Plus, since no key is required and you can share the pin code with whomever you choose, electric strikes are a solid solution for an array of access control and door security problems.
  • Electric strikes are becoming increasingly popular due to their quick and easy installation. Unlike electronic locks, which require prep work on the door itself, electric strikes are mounted on the frame, requiring no cutting. As a result, it makes them a much more attractive option for busy homeowners who want maximum security with minimal hassle.

Mistakes People Make When Installing Electric Strikes

Using electric strikes inside staircase doors is the most typical (and costly) error. It concerns most jurisdictions requiring stairway doors to be unlocked and positively secured during a fire alarm or power outage.

The door will not unlock if the strike is fail-secure. Likewise, it will not latch the door if the strike is fail-safe. Instead, it will jam in the latched/locked state.

It would be entirely legal for your AHJ (authority having jurisdiction), such as OSHA, to demand that you replace all of the electric strikes. It is clear how quickly this repair could escalate into a significant price.


Electric strikes are a great way to secure your home or business. They are low-cost, easy to install, and easy to use. However, there are many different electric strikes on the market, and not all are created equal. Some are good, but you should avoid some of them.

The most excellent choice is to contact a reputable door and lock business like MacArthur Locks & Doors if you are unsure of the best lock among the many options. We can help you choose the best electric strike because we have been offering and installing door hardware for over 20 years.

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