Is your exterior door ready for the holiday season? Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family and decorate your home in a cozy, inviting way. But, of course, your guests will see the front door first, so make sure it looks great. There are many ways to decorate your door for fall, including using faux leaves, flowers, and herbs in autumn colors. You can also hang garlands or wreaths or put up a sign with a festive message. Lanterns are a nice touch, too, since they provide soft lighting. Also, remember to include fruits and veggies in your design plan. This time of year, pumpkins are especially popular. So get inspired by the ideas below and make your entrance warm and welcoming!


Thanksgiving Ideas to Improve Your Exterior Door


Exterior Door Traditional Fall Color Scheme

Welcome your friends to your home this fall with a beautiful wreath made from Japanese lantern pods. For a splash of color, weave the pod stems into a pre-made grapevine wreath. Then, scatter small bunches of seeded eucalyptus throughout the wreath. Finally, add some yellow mums and classic orange jack-o’-lanterns to continue your door decor theme onto your front steps.

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Hanging Sunflower Vase

As the leaves change color and fall gently to the ground, usher in the autumn by hanging a lovely wreath on your front door. This year, try something different using a galvanized vase filled with “Teddy Bear” sunflowers, rose hips, and maple leaves. The watertight vase will keep your flowers fresh longer, and you can replace the water and foliage as needed.


Countryside Fall Exterior Door Décor

As autumn arrives, give your front door a warm and welcoming touch with a pretty berry wreath adorned with faux flowers. Attach the flowers to the wreath form using wire, then hang it with a thick burlap ribbon. Finally, add pumpkins, mums, and ornamental grasses to your porch for an extra dose of fall flair.


Berry and Dried Leaf Wreath in a Rustic Look

For a festive front door this autumn, try making a wreath with fake berries and leaves. First, glue fake oak leaves onto a foam wreath form in a loose, casual style. Next, add clusters of red berries in the center, tucking them in among the leaves for extra dimension.


Rectangular Fall Wreath

This rustic fall porch is the perfect place to enjoy the autumn season. The tall cluster of cornstalks creates an eye-catching display. And adding pumpkins and mums completes the look. For warmth and charm, hang an old ladder blanket rack decorated with vintage seed bags.

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Pressed-Leaf Wreath

First, gather some leaves to make a beautiful wreath for your exterior door. Press the leaves (or use faux leaves) and then wire them together in a small circle. Next, cut a slit in the center of the leaves with small scissors or a utility knife. Then string the leaves onto a wire wreath form until it is full.


Pumpkin Porch

After Halloween, instead of throwing away your carved pumpkins, repurpose them into lovely fall decor. Remove the weird faces, and replace them with potted mums and a few chairs from inside your house. Add an oversized piece of art and some festive pillows to complete the look.


Garden in a Tin Basin

Gardening is a great way to display your creativity and skills. A tin basin overflowing with fall foliage makes a great conversation piece and adds color to your doorstep. To create this arrangement, place croton shrubs in the basin’s center. Next, surround the front with dried wheat, and fill the back with tall grasses. Then, lay dried Indian corn beside the display for an extra touch of autumn.


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