Door frames are essential for any type of door, as they provide both support and stability. Without a frame, doors cannot function well. Door frames come in all sizes, depending on the depth of the wall and the size of the opening. First, door hinges are attached to the frame, allowing the door to open and close. Next, a track is mounted on the frame so rollers can glide across it, allowing smooth door operation.

The lifespan of your door largely depends on the strength and durability of the door frame. A flimsy or ill-fitted frame raises the risk of burglary and reduces its longevity.

Though door frames are typically quite durable, they can weaken from regular use and wear and tear over time. If you notice any of the following indications, it is time to replace your door frame.

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Doors Are No Longer Working as They Should

The problems with your doors can be a real pain, especially if they are hard to open, close, or lock. If you have difficulty with your doors, you may need a door replacement. However, before you do, you should check your door jamb. Often, misaligned door jambs are the cause of difficulty in opening or closing a door. In some cases, a broken door will only need repairs. However, changing your door frame is cost-effective if you have to fix doors more frequently than usual. If you are unsure what the problem is, a door replacement DC company can help.

The Door Frame Causes Locking Issues

Having your door lock fail is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. Not only is it inconvenient, but it could also put your property at risk. A locksmith can be of big help. In this case, replacing your door frame is more economical if you need locksmith service frequently. 

The Door Makes Squeaky Noises

One potential cause of a squeaking door that is often overlooked is the frame itself. If the hinges are loose or the door comes away from the frame, it may rub against it and create a squeaking noise. You can find another potential cause of squeaky doors in the hardware. Loose screws, worn-out hinges, and misaligned tracks can all contribute to doors that make unpleasant sounds. If you are having trouble with your door closing properly, you can check by giving the door a quick push by opening and closing it. This simple step can help identify if a collision is causing the problem

The Door Frame Has Warped

Warping can occur due to age, misuse, or exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture. For example, when your door frame has warped, your door becomes difficult to open and close. As a result, you cannot let air flow into the house from outside, increasing heating and cooling costs. Sometimes, you can fix mild warping with common hardware supplies. However, a door frame replacement is needed for extreme cases.

Door Repair Near Me

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