In this day and age, keeping your business safe is more important than ever. Are you a Washington, DC, business owner who is thinking about how to protect your investment from potential threats? Having deadlatches on your commercial doors is a good way to solve this problem. It changes the game. But how exactly do deadlatches make your business safer and keep those pesky thieves away? Get ready for a ride as we learn more about this topic with some expert insights from MacArthur Locks & Doors.  

Deadlatches: What Are They?

First, let us talk about what a deadlatch really is. Did you know that when you close the door, a deadlatch lock automatically locks itself? It is like having a lock with a mind of its own! Unlike standard latches, they have a spring-loaded bolt that refuses to budge unless you have a key or a knob to activate the lock. Thus, they act as a security barrier, effortlessly putting a stop to any unwanted guests trying to force their way in.

Why Deadlatches Are Important for Business Security

So what if you got to work one morning and found that someone had broken into your business? Apart from the actual damage, you may have also lost important documents and valuable assets. This break-in incident is the worst thing that could happen to your business in DC. However, with the right security measures, you can prevent this from happening. One way to do this is by adding high-security door locks like deadlatches.

Two types of deadlatches for office and retail store security, showcasing their robust mechanisms and keys.

Why Should You Choose a Deadlatch Lock?

Automatic Locking System

First off, deadlatches ensure that your doors are always locked as soon as you enter or exit the door. Hence, this feature is helpful in places with a lot of foot traffic, where people often forget to lock doors when they leave.

Security at Its Best

Unlike regular locks, deadlatches can resist jimmying and other forms of forced entry, adding an extra layer of security.

Durable Design and Construction

Moreover, with a sturdy deadlatch on, your door is ready to take on any amount of force and wear. Thus, this lock is an investment in the security of your business that will pay off in the long run.

Integration with other Business Security Solutions

In most cases, deadlatches are a key component of comprehensive business security solutions. They work best when combined with other security measures, such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and reinforced doors.

How to Install a Deadlatch

Installing a deadlatch might seem like a daunting task at first. Yet, it can be straightforward with the help of a locksmith DC. Here are the steps:

  1. Choose the Right Deadlatch: Select a deadlatch suitable for your door type and security needs.
  2. Prepare the Door: Ensure the door is in good condition and measure the backset (the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the lock hole).
  3. Drill Holes: Mark and drill the holes for the deadlatch and strike plate.
  4. Install the Deadlatch: Insert the deadlatch into the door edge and secure it with screws.
  5. Attach the Strike Plate: Align and attach the strike plate to the door frame.
  6. Test the Lock: Ensure the deadlatch operates with ease and the door locks and unlocks properly.

Remember: For a flawless installation, consider hiring a professional commercial locksmith in DC.

Why Should You Hire a Commercial Locksmith?

While DIY installation is possible, hiring a commercial locksmith can ensure correct and efficient deadlatch installation. A professional locksmith in DC, like MacArthur Locks & Doors, has the expertise to handle various commercial door locks, ensuring your business security solutions are top-notch.

Now, imagine you are managing a busy cafe or retail store in Washington, DC. Amidst the hustle, ensuring your premises are secure might not be your top priority, but it is crucial. So here is why hiring a commercial locksmith is a smart move for your business:

Expert Installation

Are you sure you would not have any problems putting in these locks on your own? Professional locksmiths know how to install the best deadlatches for security in the right way, keeping your doors safe from would-be thieves. With their knowledge and experience, your locks will work perfectly, giving you peace of mind.

Reasons why you should hire a commercial locksmith when installing deadlatches


As a business owner, your time is valuable. Do you really have hours to spare trying to install or repair locks? A commercial locksmith can do it in no time, so you can focus on running your business. There is no need for you to worry about the technical stuff because they get it done with no fuss.

Security Assessment

When was the last time you went over the security setup for your business? Locksmiths can give you a full security check to find weak spots and offer ways to make things safer. They can also help you choose the best deadlatches and other high-security door locks to keep your business safe and sound.

Emergency Services

What do you do if someone breaks in or you face a lockout? Professional locksmiths offer emergency services to fix any security breaches or access issues as quickly as possible. Thus reducing stress and downtime.

Access to Quality Products

Are you using the best locks available? Locksmiths have access to high-quality commercial door locks and security products that might not be available to the public. They can guide you in choosing the most reliable and durable options for your business.

In the end, hiring a commercial locksmith in DC is an investment in your business’s security. Plus, you can get professional help and emergency services, and your entire building will be out of danger. Do not leave your business security to chance—trust the experts to keep your property safe.

High-Security Deadlatches: A Necessity for Businesses

Because of the city’s busy vibe, businesses might face some security hurdles. That is why many commercial locksmiths in DC trust deadlatches as an essential part of any business’s security plan. They provide reliable protection against unauthorized entry, making them a preferred choice for commercial door locks. At this point, these commercial locks are not an option. They are an absolute must-have for any office or retail space in DC. So why not put in deadlatches to keep those pesky thieves away and protect your valuables? Go ahead and give these locks a try!

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