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As the technological landscape continues to evolve, more and more homeowners and businesses are switching to smart door lock systems. Smart locks for home and business offer several benefits over traditional locks. Here are a few reasons you should consider switching to a smart lock system for your home or business.

Increased Security

Smart locks offer increased security over traditional locks by allowing homeowners and businesses to control access to their property remotely, set timers for when doors should be locked or unlocked, and receive notifications if someone attempts to break in. In addition, smart locks can often be integrated with other security systems (like cameras and alarm systems) for even greater protection. 

Added Convenience

Smart locks are capable of linking up with your smartphone. This feature allows users to unlock smart locks by picking up their smartphone, putting in their passcode, or swiping their thumbprint! In addition, programmable codes and voice recognition software let you create a custom access schedule that fits your specific needs. 

Customized Security

A smart lock is an excellent option if you are looking for a way to control access to your home. You can install a smart lock deadbolt integrated with electronic locking systems. You can customize your PINs and passcodes and decide whether to give visitors unlimited access or just a one-time password. Plus, you can set restrictions on who can enter your home and when, which is handy if you have something scheduled like a delivery.

As a vacation rental owner, you can make things much easier for yourself and your guests by using a smart lock front door. With this type of lock, there is no need to make copies of keys or hide spares somewhere on the property. Instead, you can use the accompanying app to give out digital keys and even restrict when people are allowed to enter. For example, you could allow specific users to enter only during weekday afternoons.

Real-Time Monitoring thru WIFI

Do you want to know who is going to your door and what the delivery guy is doing? Some smart locks include an integrated camera that allows you to see what’s going on. Are you a parent who wants to keep track of your children? Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to monitor their entry and exit logs in real-time. This way, you will always be aware of when your children come and go and can rest assured knowing they are safe.

Auto-Lock System

Auto-locking options allow you to program your smart lock to lock the door automatically if it is left unlocked for an extended period of time. If your smartphone’s location is detected outside a specified perimeter of your home, perimeter auto-locking will automatically lock your door (also called geofencing). Ask your local locksmith DC to know your options.

Common Smart Locks Concerns

How do I get into my house if my internet or electricity goes out?

Smart lock manufacturers are aware of these issues and have the solutions. Many smart lock models also include a traditional key port, allowing you to use it as a standard lock if necessary. Furthermore, Bluetooth connectivity will continue to work with your smartphone when you are within range of the phone and will be able to try to connect. 

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