Get the best security possible with our newest guide from MacArthur Locks & Doors. We are the experts you can trust to prevent commercial burglaries in Arlington, VA. Our locksmiths have put together a treasure trove of security tips and tricks that you will find nowhere else. No matter how long your business has been open or how new it is, this guide will change the way you think about and handle security. We can help you with useful, personalized advice that is easy to understand and put into action, no matter what the newest theft trends are or where your defenses are weaker.

Think about being able to trick thieves all the time. We give you just that with our help. Break-ins are much less likely to happen if you have more than just basic locks and alarms. These include high-tech tracking, smart behavior strategies, and more advanced locking systems. Our guide is clear and easy to use, so anyone who wants to protect their workspace can use it. So, let us equip you with information and tools to make your business a stronghold and fight against commercial burglaries.

Different Types of Commercial and Office Door Locks

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks can be a business’s first line of defense. The single-cylinder, double-cylinder, and vertical types are all great for exterior doors. Most people use single-cylinder deadbolts, but for extra protection, you can choose a double-cylinder one. Keep in mind, though, that while it adds an added layer of security, it requires a key from both sides. Vertical deadbolts, also known as jimmy-proof locks, are even tougher for intruders to bypass.

Lever Handle Locks

You can find these in private offices and meeting rooms. They are easy to use. They are perfect in places with a lot of foot traffic because they have a simple handle.

Keypad and Card Access Locks

The future of locks is here. With a security-changeable keypad lock, you do not need actual keys. Hotel card access locks use key cards to control who can enter and leave the building.


Smart Locks

Smart locks work with the technology in your business so that you can monitor and control them on your phone or computer. Modern businesses that care about security and ease of use will love remote access, use tracking, and temporary access codes.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Door Locks for Preventing Commercial Burglaries

Take a Look at Your Security Needs

First, look at what each part of your business needs in terms of protection. Doors in places with a lot of potential danger, like storefronts and storage rooms, might need stronger locks, like deadbolts. On the other hand, lever handle locks might work well in office door locks.

Think About User Convenience

Take a moment to think about who will use the locks and how often they will be used. Lever handle locks or card access locks might be better for places with a lot of foot traffic. A keypad or smart lock might be best for places like computer rooms where you need to tighten control over who can get in.

Integration with Systems Already in Place

If your business already has a security system, or if you want to switch to a smart office, you might want to look into locks that work well with these systems. Smart locks are especially good at this because they have many features that work with other security systems.

Budget and Future-Proofing

Keep your spending in check and your need for safety in mind. Smart locks and card entry systems may cost more at first, but they save you money in the long run because they last longer and have more features. Also, think about how your business will change and grow in the future. Buying high-tech locks now could save you money in the long run because you will not have to replace them as often as your business grows.

You can make choices that keep your business safe without sacrificing convenience or efficiency if you know about the different types of locks and consider what your business needs. Remember that the right lock will not only keep people from breaking in, but it will also work well with how your business runs every day.

Keep Commercial Burglaries Away With Lock Repair and Upkeep

Routine Inspections

Keep an eye out for damage or wear on your locks from time to time. Look out for any signs of rust, misalignment, or trouble locking or unlocking. Doors with a lot of foot activity should undergo these checks more often.

Cleaning and Lubrication

Take a moment to think about who will use these locks and how often. Lever handle locks or card access locks might be better for places with a lot of foot traffic. A keypad or smart lock might be best for places like server rooms where you need to tighten control over who can get in.


Key Care

Keys need special attention. Bent or worn keys can damage the lock after some time. Make a copy of the key if you notice any wear on it, so you will not have to worry about losing it.

Professional Check-ups

Have a commercial locksmith perform an annual check-up. They can spot issues that are not often easy to see. Plus, with their expertise, they can ensure your locks are working as they should and prevent commercial burglaries.

When to and Why Consider Lock Replacement

Wear and Tear

If a lock is showing signs of severe wear, such as persistent sticking or difficulty in locking and unlocking, it may be time for a lock replacement. Worn-out locks are easier to break or tamper with.

After a Security Breach

If your business has experienced a break-in or an attempted burglary, replacing the locks should be a priority. It ensures the timely addressing of any compromised locks and strengthens your overall security.

Technology Upgrades

As technology evolves, so do locking mechanisms. If the locks on your doors are old, you might want to replace them with smart locks or electronic access systems for better safety and ease.

Business Changes

If your business goes through big changes, like relocation or expansion, or if your employees need different access, updating your locks can help keep things safe. With new locks, you can better control who can enter your property and make these changes.

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