Does your commercial door slam when it closes? A slamming door is not only noisy and disruptive but also a cause for concern. The action can damage the door itself, and we all know how expensive commercial doors can be. In addition, it could drive away customers and be dangerous for you and your employees. So why do doors slam shut? Is there a solution to this problem? 

The Causes of a Slamming Commercial Door

Pressure Changes

When air moves from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure one, it changes direction. The air movement caused by this difference in pressure can slam an open door shut. If there is an open window in the room or elsewhere in the building, pressure changes could be to blame.

Poorly Fitted Hinges

Another possible cause of the door slamming is the hinges’ incorrect fitting. When the hinges are not fitted well, it creates an imbalance with the door. The heavier side of the door will start to gain momentum and then cause the door to slam shut.

The pivot hinge of a commercial door

Structural Unevenness

A commercial door can slam shut when the door slab is not level or plumb. A door becomes unbalanced when it does not have the same weight distribution on both sides. This unbalanced weight will cause the door to swing open or closed. Therefore, the door slab needs to hang level and plumb. However, replacing the door with a new one is the best way to fix structural unevenness.

Keep Your Door From Slamming Shut

Use Anti-Slam Hinges

A simple tightening of hinge screws can sometimes fix the slamming problem. Be sure to replace any damaged or worn hinges. One solution to preventing a door from slamming is using anti-slam hinges. This useful device slows down the door as it closes. They are more expensive than other hinges, but they help avoid injury and excessive noise. For more advice on door hinges, contact our door repair experts.

Try a Few Felt Pads

Felt pads or weather strips can be used to cushion the door and dampen some of the noise. Weather strips also have the added benefit of keeping the area inside warmer. That will also protect your floor from being scratched. This solution may not be ideal for high-traffic areas or certain types of commercial doors, but it can help in a pinch.

Install a Door Stopper

Installing a door stopper is a less expensive option when a door slams. There are foam wedges that fit into the crack between the garage door and the frame. These stoppers cost as little as $8 and prevent the door from closing fully into the frame.

A commercial door closer

Install a Commercial Door Closer

Installing a pneumatic closer may be the easiest way to deal with a slamming door. These are installed at the top of the door and connected to the frame. They use hydraulic pressure that gently closes the door instead of letting it crash shut. In addition, commercial door closers come with adjustable pressure control. This feature lets you determine the speed at which your door will close based on specific environmental conditions.

Hire the Best Commercial Door Repair Arlington Experts

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