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A front door is not merely an entryway to your home. It creates the first impression of your home, and it enhances the overall appearance of a house. Not only does it add curb appeal to a home, but the front door also plays a major role in ensuring the security of the property and people inside. If your front door is old or weak, you should consult with a door installation company for door replacement services

Front door installation is a task that requires professional knowledge and experience. Therefore, it should not be considered a DIY job, as it takes expertise to install a door properly. Below are the different types of front doors and how you can find the right front door for your home. 

Types of front doors 

Not all doors are created equal. There are various factors to consider when you think about front door replacement, from materials to design and structure. Though the options are endless, here are a few top choices for front doors. 

Wooden doors 

If you are looking for a classic front door, then wooden doors should be your first consideration. They offer a high level of security. However, wooden doors are expensive when you compare them with other options. 

Glass doors

Glass doors refer to panels of glass set into the wooden frame in a particular pattern. The main advantage of these types of doors is that it lets the natural light come in. If you are concerned about your privacy, glass doors might not be a good option. 

Steel doors   

Doors made of steel make a great choice if your requirement is maximum security and strength. These steel doors are available in different colors and come in wood grain finishes as well. 

Fiberglass doors 

Doors made of fiberglass are super durable and have high insulation capacities. They do not rot or warp like wooden doors. These types of doors are highly resistant to scratches and dents. 

Paneled doors 

In this type of door, the panel will be made of wood. The material of the shutter panels can be plywood, hardboard, wood, glass, etc. These are some of the most commonly found types of front doors. 

Tips for choosing the right front door 

Given the plethora of options available, it can be quite overwhelming to select the right door for a front door replacement. To make the process easier, you should consult with a company that provides door replacement services. Listed below are a few tips to help you narrow down your options and find the perfect front door for your home. 

Door Material

Different materials are used to make front doors – wood, steel, and fiberglass. All these materials are available in various textures and colors. When choosing the material, you should consider the location of the house as well. The front door’s material should be able to withstand the climatic conditions and weather patterns of the area.

Level of security 

Safety is a crucial factor when you choose the front door of a house. Apart from the material you select, the locking mechanism should be properly installed to ensure better security for your home. Also, when you need a front door repair or need to install a new door, make sure you hire a door installation company. 

Door Design

Another important factor while you choose a door is its design. The door should complement the style of your home. Various designs are available in front doors that can be classified as traditional, modern, contemporary, classic, etc. To make the selection process easy, you can narrow down the options that go well with the home’s exterior. 

The privacy factor

If you choose a full wooden door, you can expect complete privacy inside a house. However, a glass door allows less privacy though it ensures good natural light inside the home. If there are windows that will enable sufficient natural light, you can opt for a wooden door which is a classy choice. 

Energy efficiency 

One of the factors that is often overlooked while choosing front is energy efficiency. The material used for the front door has a role to play with the energy bills of the house. The insulation factor of a door affects the function of the HVAC system in your home. Also, you should check whether the door needs weather-stripping to prevent hot or cool air from coming inside the house.  

What to expect during a front door installation? 

Hiring a professional team for door installation services will make the selection and installation of front doors quick and hassle-free. An experienced team will have an in-depth understanding of various doors and quickly give you the best suggestions. Here is what you should expect while you hire a professional team for front door replacement

Pocket door installation – In this type of installation, the door’s frame is left as is, and the door is replaced. The new door you choose should fit within the frame. If the current frame is in good condition, the door replacement service will go more quicklyOn average, this task can be done in an hour. 

Full-frame entry door installation – In a full-frame installation, the door and the frame are replaced. You will have higher design flexibility as the size and type of the door can be changed. This is a labor-intensive task and requires a few hours to complete. 

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