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An appealing front door is important for a commercial business, no matter how big or small the store is. First and foremost, the right commercial front door offers a strong level of security for a business. It provides peace of mind because the building and its belongings remain safe. 

Furthermore, a commercial storefront door is important from an aesthetic point of view as it creates a personality for the business. When your clients or prospective customers visit your store, the front door will probably be the first thing they see. A properly maintained commercial front door makes a good impression for your business. 

Regardless of where your business is located, it is crucial to have a good-quality and well-maintained front door. When you need to choose the right commercial storefront door, you have a lot of choices. There are numerous manufacturers and various designs available in the market to choose from. 

If you are confused about selecting the best front door for your business, here is some valuable information to get you started. Listed below are the different types of commercial front doors and the factors you should consider while you choose one. 

Types of commercial storefront doors 

As you are aware, there are many different types and styles of commercial front doors. The perfect door for your commercial establishment depends on various factors, including the nature of your business. The following are the different types of storefront doors that are ideal for commercial buildings. 

Glass commercial storefront doors 

Glass doors remain the most popular option for commercial storefronts. It gives the building a sleeker, modern, and more sophisticated look for any commercial establishment. It makes the space brighter as it allows the natural light to come in. Glass doors give a stylish appeal to the store, and it is easy to use. 

Another benefit of using a glass door is that it gives a sneak peek of the store for people from outside. In other words, it allows people to window-shop, which is an advantage from the business perspective. For example, if you are running a boutique, people can get a glance at the products inside while they walk through the street. They might come inside the shop attracted by the products. 

Metal commercial storefront door

If you are looking for a cost-effective option in a commercial storefront door, you can consider metals such as aluminum or steel. Both aluminum and steel doors offer an attractive look to an entryway.

One of the significant advantages of using metal commercial storefront doors is that it offers a higher security level. It is durable and cost-efficient as well. Moreover, it does not need costly maintenance. You can opt for a metal commercial storefront door if your store requires better security at a more affordable budget. 

Wood doors 

Generally, wood doors are not preferred for commercial buildings. They are better suited for residential houses. However, you can consider a wooden door for medical facilities or other establishments which require more privacy. Also, you can choose a semi-glass door framed with wood.

What are the factors to consider when you choose a commercial storefront door?

There are several purposes for a commercial storefront door. It should be functional as well as appealing. It should provide the best level of security while being attractive to prospective customers. In fact, choosing a commercial storefront door should not be a random decision. There are different factors to consider while picking the right storefront door. Here are a few tips to consider.  

Size of the door

The size of the door should not be too small for a store. A storefront door is the main entryway for a building. If a door is small, it may create unnecessary traffic during peak hours, making the wrong impression on prospective buyers. Generally, large doors are better for commercial buildings. 

Door material 

Security and durability should be the prime considerations when you choose the material for a door. While glass doors offer a stunning look to a store, aluminum doors ensure extra security. However, you can add additional protection to a glass door using special coatings and other materials. If your store needs the highest level of security, then you should probably consider steel doors. They are solid and provide better security.

Door appearance

No matter a door’s size and material, it should look great and complement a building’s appearance. Therefore, a door’s design and color should be considered while you choose a commercial storefront door. The color of the door should blend well and accent the surrounding building.  

Cost of installation 

Another primary consideration should be the cost of installation. You need to consider the price of a door itself and its installation cost to come up with a total. By choosing the right door installation company, you can also find great deals on commercial storefront doors. 

Security is a priority

Although appearance is an essential factor for a commercial storefront door, you should not compromise on the door’s safety and security. You need to ensure it has the best lock system to prevent any break-ins. Furthermore, you should conduct routine maintenance and repair so that a shop’s security is never compromised. 

Summing it up

If you are a business store owner, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of installing a functional and appealing commercial storefront door. It should be a combination of craftsmanship but have the best level of security. A commercial storefront door is a long-term investment for a business and commercial building. You should consider various factors like the size, material, design, color, security system, and more when choosing a commercial storefront door. 

Whether you are looking to replace an existing door or installing a new door, you should get in touch with MacArthur Locks & Doors. We are one of the top-rated commercial locksmiths and door installation companies in the greater Washington DC area. If you also need a customized and professional lock and key security system for your storefront, we are here to help too. 

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