A commercial door is an important part of your business. It should withstand a great deal of wear and abuse. For the security and safety of your business, staff, and customers, you want to ensure that all the doors in your commercial space are working properly. One way to do this is by performing routine maintenance and inspecting of your commercial doors.

Doors used in commercial applications consist of various parts and hardware that need individual attention during maintenance. Therefore, our commercial door Washington DC specialists recommend implementing the following checks to your typical spring-cleaning routine.

Components of Commercial Doors That Need Maintenance

Door Closers

Look for any greasy residue at the bottom of the closer and on the floor directly beneath it. You must pay attention to such a thing as an indicator of leakage. That is to avoid damage to the components in the door locking mechanism or the door frame itself.

Exit Devices with Alarms

Check the exit devices and any leaking or corrosion in their batteries. Although you can use generic batteries for your exit devices, commercial door locksmith professionals advise using name brands as they have a longer lifespan.

Weather Stripping on Your Commercial Doors

Check if the weatherstripping has ripped or is worn out. If you feel a draft even when the door is closed, it is time to replace the weather stripping. Also, replace cracked seals around your commercial doors as soon as possible. Doing so will keep your doors in good working order and your space’s interior insulated.

Strike Alignment and Lock Latching

Keep the area around the door clear and ensure nothing obstructs the door perimeter. Check that your locking hardware’s latch and strike are a tight fit. You may need to tighten the door’s seal to reduce drafts and save on energy expenditures.


Over time, the door threshold will start to slack. So when you hear a whistling noise at your door, you need to adjust the threshold. Use a head screwdriver and utility knife to prevent the air from moving through the door.


Regularly lubricate the hinges to minimize damage caused by frequent metal-on-metal contact and prevent rust. For instance, you might feel tension or strain on the locking hardware from time to time. Or notice that the door is rubbing against the frame occasionally. In both cases, a hinge has likely loosened. In this case, you need to tighten them. Also, check the door for busted or bent hinges and replace them.

Latch Pockets on Concealed Vertical Rods

If your door has concealed vertical rods, sweep or vacuum debris from and out of the threshold latch pocket. Clean latch pockets allow the bottom rod to extend fully and secure the door properly.

Benefits of Performing Regular Maintenance on Commercial Doors

Taking the effort to look after your commercial doors while they are still in good working order will help you avoid major problems that could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Regular maintenance also ensures that your doors are in excellent working order and improves the safety of your commercial space. A broken door is not only a hassle but could also cost you a lot of money if you have to close or slow down your business to get the door repaired. Regular maintenance prevents downtime in your business operation.

Commercial Door Services From Macarthur Locks & Doors

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