A glass door is one of the most versatile and excellent options for a commercial space. However, the aesthetic appeal of a glass door is just the start. The best commercial glass doors can improve employee productivity, create a more pleasant work environment, and bring in potential customers. 

When choosing a glass door for your commercial space, there are several factors to consider. For example, the type of glass you choose will greatly affect the style and feel of your space. Consider some of the advantages listed below before choosing a glass door that meets your business needs.

The Benefits of Using a Glass Door in Your Commercial Space

Durable when tempered

Commercial glass doors use tempered glass, a type of safety glass four to five times stronger than ordinary ones. When it breaks, tempered glass does not splinter into sharp fragments. This makes it perfect for use in businesses where the security of the staff and clients is of utmost importance.

An interior aluminum and glass door in a building

Versatile in commercial applications

Glass doors are often widely seen in retail stores, offices, restaurants, and other public spaces. You can use them in various commercial applications, including entry doors, interior doors, and partitions. Glass doors come in various forms, including frameless, sliding, and swinging. Furthermore, they can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of a business.

How to Select the Right Type of Glass Door for Your Needs

Are you building a new commercial space or upgrading your current one? You may be overwhelmed with various glass door options, each with specific advantages. So you need to know which is the right one before placing your order. Then, contact a professional door installer to help choose the right glass for your commercial needs. 

Aluminum storefront door: These doors commonly line the frontage of retail stores, allowing people to see into your store as they pass by. Storefronts are often made of aluminum to provide a sleek look that is attractive to shoppers. Using a high-quality aluminum frame ensures stability and durability. It is an excellent choice if your business is in a high-traffic area.

Revolving glass door: A revolving door can assist in providing entrances and exits to buildings such as retail outlets or facilities. Revolving doors are usually common in cold-weather climates where thick snowfall makes it impractical for outside entrances to remain open. Choose this style if you wish to lower your heating expenses by making your building more energy efficient.

Frameless glass door: Frameless doors are a stylish choice for modern office buildings and retail spaces. The clean lines these commercial doors give off can make any space more stylish and appealing. However, they are not very effective in keeping out drafts and moisture. So while they look great, they are not that ideal for use in cold regions.

An aluminum and glass door inside an office

Automatic glass door: Automatic doors minimize problems with traffic and energy costs in your store. They also simplify management: when necessary, you can lock automatic doors in place and close them. Furthermore, they are also very easy to use — making them the perfect solution for running a retail outlet. Automatic doors are available in folding, swinging, and sliding types, whatever works best for your business.

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