In emergencies, seconds can make all the difference between life and death. As buildings become more crowded and complex, we must prioritize the safety of those inside them. That is where fire door panic hardware comes into play. This part of the fire door is an essential safety measure that helps people get out quickly in case of fire or any emergency. This feature will explore the world of fire door panic hardware. So arm yourself with the knowledge to help you make smart choices about putting these life-saving devices in your building.

What Is Fire Door Panic Hardware

Panic door hardware, or panic exit devices and panic bars, are special hardware on fire doors to help people get out quickly and safely in an emergency. These devices make it easy and quick to leave a building by pushing on the device, usually a horizontal bar or a vertical touchscreen, without having to use keys or do anything else.

Panic Hardware for Fire Doors

These are the common panic hardware for building fire doors:

Panic Bars

Panic bars, or crash bars and exit devices, are horizontal bars that are put across the inside of a door. The latch or bolt is released when pressure is put on the bar, such as by pushing on it. That makes it easy for the door to swing open.

A push bar, a type fire door panic hardware

Push Pads

Push pads are plates put on the inside of a door and can be either vertical or horizontal. They are similar to panic bars. When you press the pad, it triggers the release mechanism, which lets the door open.

Touch Bars

Touch bars are a variation of panic bars that feature a touch-sensitive mechanism. Instead of pushing or pressing on a bar, all it takes is a gentle touch or light pressure on the bar’s surface to open the latch or bolt.


Crossbars are put across the width of a door horizontally, and you can open or close the door by pushing or pulling on the bar from either side. They are a quick and easy way to open a door in an emergency.

Push Paddle Devices

These devices consist of paddle-shaped handles that user press to activate the release mechanism. The handles typically combine with a latch or bolt and are easy to operate with a pushing motion.

Key Features of Panic Hardware

Latch Mechanism

The panic bar connects to a latch mechanism that keeps the door securely closed during normal operation. When you depress the panic bar, the latch releases, allowing the door to open quickly.

Fire Rating

Panic hardware for fire doors are specifically for fire-rated doors. It must be UL-listed or approved to meet fire safety standards and keep the fire door assembly from falling apart.

Emergency Exit Signage

Signs that say the door is an emergency exit are often large and easy to see on fire exit devices. That makes it easy for people to find the door quickly in an emergency.

A commercial door with a fire door panic hardware

Alarm Options

Some fire door panic hardware may have alarms that go off when you use the panic device. These sounds let people in the building and security staff know that someone opens a fire door. The alarm can warn people and guide them to exit the building.

Compliance with Codes and Regulations

Fire door panic hardware should follow local building codes, fire safety regulations, and disability laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Installation and Maintenance of Fire Door Panic Hardware

The panic hardware, like panic bars or push pads, should firmly attach to the fire door so people can get out quickly and easily in an emergency. So to keep the panic hardware in good shape, maintain it regularly. That includes checking, testing, and greasing the metal parts often to ensure they work well. Fix any broken or change worn parts immediately so the panic hardware will still work in an emergency. It is best to consult experts or technicians for accurate installation or maintenance of fire door panic hardware. They know exactly what to do.

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