Door knobs and door handles do not just keep us safe inside. They also offer a functional purpose in our homes, allowing us to get around easily. Additionally, a tastefully selected door knob on the front door can greatly impact the overall aesthetic of a house.

However, finding the perfect door knobs for your home can be difficult. As simple as it seems, many things go into buying the perfect knob. Whether you are building your new house or want to replace your existing door knobs, read on to learn which type is best for your needs.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Door Knob

There are multiple types of door knobs available for homeowners to consider. At first glance, the sheer variety of knobs can feel overwhelming, but there are several factors you should consider before making a decision.

Before purchasing a new door knob, measure your door’s thickness and compare it to the hardware specifications. Note the size of the holes needed for the doorknob, and ensure the replacement knob will fit your door. Additionally, check that the backset of your replacement door knob matches the original. By doing these simple checks, you can avoid returning incompatible hardware later.

Before purchasing a door knob, it is important first to identify the bolt configuration or latch — whether it has round or square corners. That will ensure that the door knob you purchase is compatible and provides the right security level. Different entry door knobs have different security grades, so select one that meets your needs.

Keyed door knobs on a double door

Different Door Knob Options

Door knobs come in many different styles and functions. Now, let us explore the many options available to you and how to choose the right door knob function for each door.

Privacy Door Knobs

The locking mechanism for privacy door knobs is on the inside of the door. These knobs are easy to operate — with a button you push in and out, or a small knob you turn sideways. They are often used for interior doors and doors in bedrooms, bathrooms, and rooms requiring privacy.

Passage Door Knob

These knobs do not have any locking mechanism and feature two handles that turn freely. As a result, they are perfect for interior doors, hallways, closets, and rooms where privacy is not an issue.

Dummy Door Knobs

Also called “fake knobs,” these knobs are usually used for decorative purposes and do not have any working parts. Dummy door knobs come in two varieties: single (a single knob) and double (a matching set of knobs). They are used for cabinets, wardrobes, and doors where no one enters, with which it needs a knob to get out.

Storeroom Door Knob

Locking storeroom knobs have an outer knob that you can only open with a key. The inside knob, however, turns freely at all times. As their name implies, these knobs are primarily used for storage rooms.

A privacy door knob

Keyed Door Knobs

Keyed door knobs feature an exterior keyed cylinder and a push-button lock inside. You must turn the knob to release the lock. These knobs are usually installed on the exterior, entry, and doors requiring extra security.

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