Have you ever caught yourself looking for your misplaced keys? The key is an essential item you will ever own, whether you own a home or a business. Keys are utilized by practically everyone daily. Any room in your home can have a key lock box installed, which keeps the keys secure when not in use. The key lock box comes in handy if someone else is opening your door with your key or you want to provide your valuables with more security. How do key lock boxes operate? Here is all the information you need to determine whether installing these key safes is practical and worth it.

What Are Key Lock Boxes?

Key safes are robust mechanical metal boxes. A key lock box is a type of key safe used exclusively to hold door keys safely. You can access your keys by entering a combination code into a lock on the concrete or wall outside your home. Only you and anyone who knows the combination code can access your property. Key lock boxes are usually found at mechanic’s shops, real estate offices, or car yards. These storage units have a basic level of security and may be screwed to a wall for easy and practical storage.

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How to Access a Key Lock Box

Setting your code

Choose a number combination (usually four to five digits with no duplication). Enter the code. Each button must click when it is pressed. Now, press the OPEN button; if it has been set up correctly, the OPEN button will slide down fully. If it still does not work, try again after pressing the CLEAR button.

Opening the key safe

To open, press the CLEAR button first to make the door key lock safe ready. After clearing it, you may now enter the code. The key safe will open when you press the OPEN button. Upon releasing the OPEN button, the key safe will automatically lock.

Closing the key safe

Enter the code once again. Next, place the bottom edge of the front cover on the bottom edge of the key lock box and hold down the OPEN button until the key safe is fully shut. Then, release the OPEN button, and the key safe will lock. Remember that to OPEN and CLOSE your key safe, you must enter your key code.

How to Prevent Break-ins

Choosing the ideal location for a key safe

Keep the key safe of your house in a place hidden as much as possible, keeping in mind that the safe contains the key. It is best to keep a key safe out of sight to reduce the probability that the home will be the target of robbers. If you decide to have one, make sure it is not near the door, not seen from the road, is not at eye level, and is not easily identified as a key safe. However, if you already have a safe located in one of the places described above, consider moving it somewhere safer.

The best sites for a key safe are hidden from view by onlookers. You may, for instance, conceal it through a window box, mailbox, drainpipe, or plants. Additionally, placing it where anyone tampering with it will be visible is a sensible decision.

Changing the code constantly

At MacArthur Locks and Doors, we advise you to regularly change the key safe’s code. Every key lock box is delivered un-coded, and you create the code on your own. Changing the code is just as simple as setting it up the first time. After that, you can update the code as often as possible. If you need assistance, get in touch with the manufacturer.

Locksmith Near Me

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