With roughly 25 million businesses operating in the U.S., it is no wonder there is always a need for commercial door repairs. From hotels to retail stores and everything in between, businesses encounter a door issue from time to time. Without a sturdy, secure door system in place, your business could be sustaining major losses. So, if you see any signs that your door is not operating properly, you should fix it right away.

Keeping Your Commercial Door Safe with Door Repairs

Door repairs often result from wear and tear as commercial doors are constantly opened, closed, and moved. These can cause the hardware to wear out or even break. Here are some common repairs for commercial doors.

Warped Doors

Your doors can warp over time due to exposure to the elements. For instance, metal doors in extreme heat or wooden doors with too much moisture can warp. Prevent warping by working with a trusted supplier to ensure your doors are fully sealed and protected. A warped garage door is usually permanent, and only a replacement will prevent further warping.

Failing Door Closers

When functioning correctly, door closers allow the door to open and close easily, and the door can stay closed even when there are high winds outside. However, often there are problems with these devices, and they break down, requiring repairs. Therefore, it is important to inspect your door closers regularly. Look for any fluid leaking from the closer, as this usually indicates that the hydraulic seal is broken and the closer will need to be replaced. Also, always have an Allen wrench handy to make proper adjustments on the closer.

door repair on a glass storefront door


A larger gap or uneven spacing may indicate a deteriorated garage door. However, many things could affect the gap in your door, including the weather seal, the door itself, and installation issues. The necessary repairs will differ depending on the cause of your problem, so it is important to examine each issue separately before making repairs.

Digital Lock Problems

There are so many reasons why the digital lock is working properly. From a dead battery to the wrong security code, these locks are as vulnerable to problems as their mechanical counterparts. You must never apply force to a digital lock or door, as it can cause damage to the mechanism. Instead, call a digital locksmith specialist to solve your problem.

Electrical Issues

Electrified hardware and electronic security systems all rely on electricity. Unfortunately, these systems become ineffective when you have electrical issues, whether damaged wiring or power failures. If your electrified door hardware is malfunctioning, you should look for commercial door repair services to troubleshoot the issue. In addition, preventative maintenance services can help to prevent wear and tear on your access control system.

door repairs involving electrical issues

Rubbing Doors

Commercial doors can start to sag or rub after installation for many reasons. For example, heavy traffic, improper installation, weather conditions, and lack of maintenance can cause doors to develop sagging problems. If repairing or replacing your hinges and adjusting the level of your door does not work, it is best to call a door specialist out to diagnose the problem. 

Commercial Door Repair Bethesda

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