When looking for ways to keep your business safe, the type of commercial locks you choose can make all the difference. It is not just the code you enter that makes a combination lock right. You need to look into how it can protect your assets and make your business safer. This piece will walk you through the complex world of combination locks, including their safety features and how long they can last. Plus, get to know more other important factors that you should think about before making your choice.

Imagine if you had a lock that could keep your business safe but also make it easier to run and give you peace of mind. That is what the perfect combination lock says will do. Join us on this trip; we will look at the complex world of these business locks from a different point of view that goes beyond the numbers. Let us work together to make your business as safe as it can be.

What Is a Combination Lock Used For?

A combination lock serves as a security tool to keep many things and places safe, from school lockers to high-security vaults. Its main job is to make sure that only authorized people can get in or have access by using the right sequence of letters, numbers, or symbols. With combination locks, you can keep someone from getting into your rooms, safes, storage areas, and doors without your permission. Because they do not need actual keys, these locks are easy to use. You can set different codes to open the same lock more than once. These robust locks are often necessary for businesses to keep things safe and organized, whether it is your company records or expensive tools.

Types of Combination Locks for Business Use

At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we install a wide range of combination locks to suit various business needs. You can choose from the following types:

Mechanical combination locks

To unlock, you have to press a set of numbers or letters in a certain order. Mechanical combination locks are reliable and do not require any power source. That makes them suitable for outdoor use or areas with limited access to electricity.

Electronic combination locks

To open these locks, you use a digital keypad. Audit trails, programmable access codes, and remote access control are some of the new features they offer. Any business that needs to keep track of who can see what and when should use these locks.

Different types and brands of combination locks

Biometric combination locks

The technology in these locks reads your fingerprints or eyes to let you in. Biometric combination locks are the safest because they use unique biological traits to determine who has control of the lock. They work great in places where strict access control is necessary.

How to Choose the Best Combination Locks for Businesses

Are you ready to make your business safer with the right combination locks? If you own a business in DC, making sure your belongings are safe is very important. But with so many choices, how do you pick the right one? Let us break it down:

Level of Security

How important are your things, and what are the risks? In high-risk places, you might want to think about whether you need the best security features, such as biometric locks.

Ease of Use

Can your team easily get through the locks? The staff needs to be able to use them easily without having to go through a lot of training. Look for locks that come with simple instructions and are easy to use.


Will your locks stand the test of time and tough conditions? Choose locks that can stand up to wear and tear, especially in DC’s varied weather. We at MacArthur Locks & Doors offer locks that are made of strong materials that will last a long time.


Check to see if the locks can work with your existing security setup. Do they have the ability to control entry from afar? Do they work with other software for access management? Check out these extra tools to get the best security possible.

Two types of combination locks. In the background is a calculator and receipt of purchase.


How does it fit into your budget? Quality matters, but so does staying within your financial boundaries. Plan how much you are ready to spend before you pick out a combination lock. 

If you consider these things, you will be able to find the combination locks that are great for your business and offer strong security without sacrificing function or ease of use. So, make sure your business is safe right now by choosing the right combination lock. But how do you fix and take care of these locks? Let us quickly go over it.

Tips for Maintaining and Troubleshooting Combination Locks

Regular upkeep is necessary to make sure that your combination locks last as long as possible and work at their best. To keep them in great shape, do these things:

Clean them up: Wipe your lock with a soft cloth and a mild cleaner every so often. Be sure to get rid of dirt and other build-up that can cause lock issues in the long run.

Look for damage: Keep an eye out for loose parts, broken buttons, or worn-out keypads. If you notice any issues, reach out to the manufacturer for help with lock repair.

Change the combos every so often: Change the combinations often to make things safer, especially when staff changes or there are security concerns.

Keep extra parts on hand: Keep extra batteries and keypads on hand so that you can quickly replace any broken parts and keep your business running.

Ask for help: If you have any problems, you can look at the manufacturer’s repair guide or get help from their customer service. Better yet, look for a nearby locksmith DC expert to provide you with a quick and reliable fix.

These easy-to-follow maintenance and repair tips will help you keep your combination locks working well and protecting your business.

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