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Common Commercial Door Closer Repairs

If your business relies on heavy-duty doors, it comes down to making sure they are always in good working condition. Door closers are powerful mechanisms employed in commercial doors, allowing people to move through doors without having to hold them open all the time and helping save energy by preventing heat from leaking through entrances. If one closer does fail, it is a symptom of something more serious, so knowing how to spot problems before they become too serious is crucial.

Why do door closers fail?

Door closers of the wrong kind

Salespeople will try to persuade you that their products are universally applicable, pitching and marketing items that are not necessarily the best fit for a certain application. When you have heavy doors in your commercial space, they would need to be installed with strong door closers with strong springs. If you install incorrect, undersized, or oversized closers, it will result in your door’s unsatisfactory performance. It also pays to consider that lower product costs do not always equal superior performance in the long run. When a door is fitted with the incorrect type of closer, it poses a safety hazard, causes misalignment, and can even harm the closer or the door itself.

Door closers that have been improperly installed and adjusted

Door closers come in a range of mounting options, depending on the intended placement of the closer body. Some closers operate using spring tensions while others operate using air pistons, while the most elaborate and sophisticated ones may use a combination of spring tension and hydraulic cylinders. One basic necessity in every door closer application is that the door closer body and door closer arm be properly and securely linked to the doorway components. Door closers that are improperly fitted risk causing misalignment and damage to the doorframe. It is important to have reliable door repair service experts install or adjust your door closers periodically.

Door closers that have been improperly maintained

Oftentimes, poorly trained or unsupervised maintenance workers are the leading cause of door closer failures. In many cases, those in charge of facility maintenance have little or no experience with door hardware, particularly door closers. Due to a partial or complete lack of knowledge, these workers may perform random incorrect adjustments, which compounds existing problems and causes the door closer’s eventual failure, resulting in serious bodily injury. The cost of repairing or replacing the door closer due to poor maintenance far outweighs the cost of a competent maintenance program. When it comes to ensuring the safe, code-compliant, and proper operation of all doors and door hardware, there is no alternative for professional evaluation and maintenance. Moreover, many manufacturers will replace products if they have been properly maintained by trained personnel regularly.

Low oil levels and seal repairs

Broken seals create lubrication leaks by exposing clearance gaps, leaving hardware exposed. Oil leaks are usually the result of a mechanical issue with the door closer, such as a missing screw, failing seals, or cracked O-rings. A professional should change the oil in a door closer because poor lubrication causes doors to open or close excessively quickly, potentially injuring a person or the door itself.

Ensure your door closers are in good working order with door repair Washington DC service

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