Places of business see many people coming and going, which is why their doorways are designed for extra durability. Given their frequent usage, doors at commercial buildings are designed to be more resilient than residential ones. A commercial door is pulled and opened countless times daily, so it must withstand greater wear and tear. Although commercial doors are designed to withstand day-to-day wear and tear, they are still susceptible to damage due to wear and tear. Any business owner should be aware of the potential issues that may arise from this and how to approach them effectively. To this end, it pays to know the most common causes of a damaged commercial door.

So what causes a damaged commercial door? Let us take a look at the main reasons:

Damage From Heavy Impact

Commercial doors are vulnerable to all kinds of external forces. For instance, strong impacts from rocks and tree limbs, car crashes, or the pressure from passing traffic can cause commercial doors to crack or break. Therefore, it is important to take preventative measures to keep commercial doors in optimal condition. Regularly inspect doors for any damage. Prompt repairs, no matter how minor they may be, help avoid more serious issues from arising in the future. 

A damaged commercial door with broken glasses

Effects of Rust and Corrosion

Rust can be a major headache for those with commercial doors and frames due to the damage it can cause. Corrosion happens when the frame is exposed to water or moisture for an extended period. This exposure prompts oxidation that weakens the metal and ultimately leads to breakage.

Exposure to the elements can have a detrimental effect on doors, resulting in rust and flaking paint. That weakens the door, making it more susceptible to break-ins. That is why, at the first sign of rust, it is essential to contact an experienced door specialist DC to take care of repairs before things worsen.

Misaligned Commercial Door

It is not odd for commercial doors to become misaligned. So be sure to take care of this repair promptly. Doors left out of alignment can sustain damage, such as chipping when they rub against the door frame. You can avoid this type of issue by scheduling regular maintenance appointments.

Old Insulating and Weatherstripping Materials

Inadequate insulation and weakened weather seals can have a detrimental effect on all types of commercial doorways. Over time, worn pieces will build up in areas such as the ceiling, wall, or floor, settling into door tracks and other critical components. Such a buildup can damage the door’s structure’s hinges, springs, and other parts.

With a compromised seal, the condition of your commercial property could worsen. Furthermore, you may find that your energy bills start to climb in price. So, upgrading any damaged insulation or door weatherstripping is crucial to prevent this from happening.

A technician replacing the weatherstripping of a commercial door

Poor Installation

The installation of a commercial door can have far-reaching effects on its quality, many times for worse. The lack of meeting building codes and standards is often the culprit behind a poor installation. Unfortunately, this oversight during installation can become an issue later in the door’s lifespan. 

Finding a contractor with outstanding standing is essential to ensure a successful commercial door installation. This way, you can ensure the job will be completed with expertise and quality.

Why Should You Call a Commercial Door Repair Washington DC

Is there a damaged commercial door in your facility or establishment? When considering commercial door solutions, selecting the right door and the door company that installs it is essential for optimal safety. Therefore, find a commercial door that offers maximum protection for your property and hire an experienced commercial door service for installation.

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