Are you planning to install new doors on your commercial property or replace the ones you already have? Of course, it is important to consider the doors’ quality. However, it is also important to assess the reputation of the company you choose. If you have decided to hire a professional to install your doors for you, there are a few key things to consider to select the best door installation company in Bethesda MD.

What to Look For in a Door Installation Company

Experience in door installation projects

The most important thing to check out when looking for a door company is their experience installing commercial doors. Generally, people tend to associate long-established companies with experience and avoid newer businesses. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider a door company with at least ten years of expertise in door installation. They also have experience with specific manufacturers or brands and know the latest trends in commercial doors. You should also consider the company’s history and the experience of its technicians. If you weigh all of these things, it will guarantee that you hire a company capable of meeting your commercial property’s needs.

Choose a local door installation company

For several reasons, it is best to go with a door service provider near you. First, a local door company will know the local commercial codes and requirements. They will explain these requirements and help you comply with the local building codes. Furthermore, you can contact a local company and speak with someone if something goes wrong. For instance, large companies often present you with a phone number for their customer service. Although many chain door companies have good customer service, figuring out how they might help solve the problem is best dealt with in person. On the contrary, a local service company would meet you in person rather than talk over the phone.

Reputation online and offline

A company’s reputation says what you can expect from them if you hire them. Many people are just concerned with a company’s reputation online, but it is important to consider its offline trustworthiness. Most customers are likely to provide feedback after having either a great experience or a bad one. While doing your research, you would likely see a lot of high and low ratings with nothing in the middle. Reading online reviews about commercial door companies on Google or Yelp certainly helps. Apart from that, you may also ask your friends and family for honest recommendations rather than depending exclusively on what you may read online.

An outstanding door installation company offers warranty

Most door manufacturers offer product warranties that last a minimum of one year. Unfortunately, they may not cover issues that arise due to the door’s installation. That is why it is essential to inquire about the company’s warranty. Under a company warranty, all new items installed must be free from poor workmanship, and it covers the damage to the door and your property. The company’s warranty typically covers all labor charges, as well.

Request for job estimates or price quotes

When seeking out commercial door installation Bethesda MD companies, do not hesitate to ask for estimates. The cost of installing a door will depend on various factors, such as the size of the door and the type of material to be used. Installing high-security doors can be more expensive than aluminum glass doors. A trustworthy company would offer estimates to help you see how much their services will cost. This estimate should include all labor costs and any materials or supplies required.

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